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Diggler is a small but powerful add-on for Firefox and Mozilla. It adds a menu button next to the address bar with actions relevant to the current URL, for example to step out to the parent directory, or to visit the equivalent ftp URL, or to visit the site in A single click on the menu button also clears the location bar (much like the one in Konqueror) - useful for keyboard free browsing.

From Diggler 0.9 you may also define extra tool menu items - actions that are performed against regular expressions.

Click on the screenshot below to see what it looks like in action. More images are available on the screenshots page.

Diggler is pure JS & XUL and small. The latest version should run on any platform and has been tested in Mozilla 1.6+ and Firefox 0.9+ with no known issues.

Note: Diggler looks pretty good in Modern and Classic themes but due to its nature it might need tweaking for other themes. If you think this is the case, raise a bug and attach a screenshot illustrating the problem you are seeing.

Contributions are welcome, but please take the time to raise a bug in the MozDev Bugzilla to cover the change and attach patches made using "diff -u". Please do not send or attach modified xpi or jar files since it is too hard to figure out what has changed - I need the diffs!

Diggler is written by Adam Lock.

05 October 2004 - Diggler 0.9 released (see installation page)
23 September 2004 - Diggler 0.8 released (see installation page)
20 June 2004 - Diggler 0.7 released (see installation page)
14 August 2003 - Diggler 0.6 released (see installation page)
18 April 2003 - Diggler 0.5 released (see installation page)

The diggler project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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